Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love my dad

A text conversation:

9:36 AM
Me: "Are you at your office right now? I am on campus."

9:53 AM
Me: "Nevermind. I just wanted to say hi, but I am on my way home now. Puffed rice soon?"

10:04 AM
Dad: "I went looking 4 puffed rice just yesterday 4 u, but went to the wrong store. We'll make some soon ~ as brain food for college professors, u & me! --Dadster"

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  1. Rebecca:
    I am sorry to contact you via Blog, but wondered if you were the Rebecca Peterson who is a grad assistant for a Freshman English course at BYU. My son, Josh Hunter who is currently serving a mission, asked me to contact Rebecca Peterson to follow up on an idea about working in the Writing Lab post-mission. If you are the same "Rebecca Peterson", I hope that you might contact me at to discuss this. Thanks much, Susan Hunter